Ride-On Spreader Sprayers are the future for professional landscapers. They save time, they save money and, quite frankly, they’re also fun to ride. The new Lesco, sulky-style, Spreader Sprayer boasts a superior 9 HP Subaru engine that’ll keep you cruising at 5.7 mph and its hydrostatic transaxle will provide the power you need to finish your day early. Capacity isn’t a concern either because the LESCO Chariot SPX brings a hopper that’ll hold up to 200 lbs., has two 10 gallon tanks with an 11’ spray width and a 2 GPM spray pump. These ride-ons are reliable and among the safest to use on hills and other uneven surfaces. Want quality that’ll deliver year after year? Check out the link below for more details. If you have any questions, contact sthomas@brinly.com.

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